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Support Services
Community Employment Program
Community Employment is a program that provides work experience, training, and job coaching that will help in seeking gainful employment. The Work Crew, which consists of supervised consumers, is provided with actual work experience in a variety of negotiated contracts in the county. Crew members learn to work together as a team, improving socialization and communication skills and developing a sense of pride in completed work assignments. Referrals for this program come through the county case management system, Service Access & Management.
Family Support Unit
The ReDCo Group Family Support team works with families of children at risk. Families are referred by Schuylkill County Children & Youth Services to develop and oversee a formal service plan which details goals focusing on the safety and general well-being of the family.

This is not a therapeutic program; rather, staff conducts a comprehensive evaluation and recommends action in the best interest of the child. Service plans prioritize risk and safety issues as well as the basic needs of the family. At times, the Family Support team makes recommendations regarding parental rights.
Peer Support Program
The Peer Support Program is designed to inspire hope of recovery for individuals age 18 and over with severe and persistent mental illness, allowing them to achieve personal wellness and cope with stress or barriers through a strength-based recovery support model using WRAPS (Wellness Recovery Action Plans).

Services are provided by individuals who have "walked the walk" and who have become certified to help others in their recovery journey. These peers help consumers create their individualized WRAPs to maintain wellness and relapse prevention.

By assuming that hope is not only possible but probable, this service is designed to promote empowerment, self-determination, and resilience through mentoring and service coordination supports.