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Corporate Hero
Sharon Tropp
JANUARY 2008 — Her work often goes unnoticed and sometimes, sad to say, unappreciated by others. What many of her co-workers do not know is that she often works late, works weekends, and even stops by the office late at night or after she's returned from a day at training in order to keep up with her busy workload. She is constantly promoting the ReDCo Group and the CareerLink when she's out of the office — talking to employers at social functions and even at family events. She single handedly coordinated the biggest Job Fair in Schuylkill CareerLink history; an extremely successful event that took place in June of 2007 at Martz Hall with over 80 employers and 845 job seekers attending. Her successful in-house workshop presentations have been duplicated in other Workforce Investment Areas and are a model for the entire Commonwealth.
Ms. Tropp began working for Workforce Investment Networks in September of 2002 as a CareerLink Specialist. CareerLink Specialists are the very heart and soul of the CareerLink Center; they help job seekers find employment while helping employers post job orders, distribute applications, and pre-screen candidates. She works with big companies, such as Sapa and Coca-Cola, helping to fill over 100 positions per year at just those two facilities. In addition, she is responsible for providing services to another seventy plus employers and hundreds of job seekers.
Sharon is an excellent teacher, which is evident from the glowing evaluations she receives after her job seeker workshops. She often spends hours writing and re-writing resumes so that her clients resumes stand out from the others. Because of her knowledge and leadership, Sharon has been recruited to help with the statewide Business Services Team Technical Workgroup, which is responsible for developing a comprehensive service delivery plan for Pennsylvania.
Sharon is a valuable employee; she is honest, trustworthy, and very loyal. She enjoys working with people and with the family that she has here at the ReDCo Group.